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Hebrews 11:6 Hebrews 11:6

So Ask YourSelf...

Which Side Of The Supernatural Do You Want To Be On? Believe God!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
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The Watchers Are Cancelled The Watchers Are Cancelled

We Cancel The Watchers:

May The Lord Our God Blind The Eyes, Close The Ears, Destroy The Han...

Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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   Welcome To Trinity Stone - Norwood, Ohio


Come Fellowship With Our Family And Get Hugged Back To Life!
(Bible Study)
  • Saturday Mornings
  • Time - 10AM-11:15AM
  • Location - The Garage
(Sunday Service)
  • Time - 9AM-11AM
  • Location - The Garage
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About Trinity Stone Christian Fellowship Center Norwood
Trinity Stone Christian Fellowship Center (Norwood) is a Church Plant and Community Redevelopment that begin in the Summer of 2019. In June of 2019 Pastor Bailey was thrust out of Chicago, Illinois. God was showing Pastor Bailey that HE was enlarging his territory.

When Pastor Bailey got on the bus to journey to Cincinnati, God gave him instructions to help in the building of The Church. Pastor Bailey didn't know what paticular part of Greater Cincinnati The Church would be planted in at first. It was not until God spoke to Pastor Bailey during his prayer walks through the Cincinnati and Norwood Communities that he realized where the Church would be located.

In August of 2019, God lead Pastor Bailey to the 4411 Building and told Pastor Bailey to touch, decree, declare, and claim the property for The Advancement of The Kingdom of God based on Joshua 1:3.

Pastor Bailey did just what God said, put his footprints down, and is in negotiations to secure the 4411 Building for the work of the Ministry.

In December of 2019 God gave Pastor Bailey instructions to walk around two (2) blocks in the Norwood, Ohio area and claim those blocks for The Kingdom of God. The 2 blocks are contained within the streets of Weyer, Allison, Mills, and Montgermery Road. Within those two(2) blocks contain multiple residentaul housing units, the 4411 Building, the old Norwood Baptist Church structure and the old Norwood Elementary School structures.

We are happy to help build and restore people within the land, repare the waste places, and bring The Garden of Eden to the entire Norwood area!

Visit The (Project Judah Camp) page to see how you can help.

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