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2 Kings 7:2 2 Kings 7:2

Operation Shake The Doubters Loose:

Remember God told you, not them. Remember HE orders your...

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Protected As We Lay Low Protected As We Lay Low

We are in the world but not of the world. Being so, we are to present ourselves as a living sacrific...

Tuesday, July 9, 2019
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   Featured Parables of Faith

We Currently Have 44 Featured Parables Of Faith.
Listed Below Are The Featured Parables Of Faith.
Protected As We Lay Low
We are in the world but not of the world. Being so, we are to present ourselves as a living sacrific...  read more »

Seeking God As A Habit
We must get back to seeking The Lord our God as a habit!

Seeking HIM in worship, truth, and ...  read more »

Interceed Regardless
Even Jesus said forgive them for they know not what they do.

Even Apostle Peter denied Jesu...  read more »

Step Everywhere
As children of The Most High God, we must take action and go! Since our Father in Heaven owns it all(...  read more »

We Are HIS Work
You and me are designed for every good work. We are HIS pleasure and built for greatness.

Ep...  read more »

Who/`/s Confidence?
You know, God IS A Steward over HIS Word. HE does not make promises that HE cannot keep.

We...  read more »

Next Level Faith
God Is a Movable God who allows us to enjoy and master levels of faith. However we must keep moving t...  read more »

The Vantage Point Of Victory
Proverbs 27:12 says,
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on...  read more »

Major Attraction
Not only will God The Father make your name great, HE makes you shine as an attraction.

Peop...  read more »

Multiply, Replenish, Subdue
We are to occupy the earth by advancing The Kingdom of God. The harvest is plenty.

We are to...  read more »

Walk On The Roof
Go to the high place where things can be revealed!

The Word of God say/`/s over in Matthew 6...  read more »

A Prayer For You
With music playing in the background...

Squeeze that hand of the person you are standing nex...  read more »

Launched Out Into The Deep Of Babylon
The Word of God says, he who wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30

Matthew 9:38 says,
👉...  read more »

Sit On The Flood Of The Storm
Though the floods and storms of life may be great around you, walk through anyway. Stand tall!
<...  read more »

Advancing The Kingdom One Soul A Day
Advancing The Kingdom Of God Atleast One Soul A Day And Along The Way.

Luke 10:2
Therefo...  read more »

For ThereIn
It is in The Good News that The Character of God our Father in Heaven Is revealed. So as we climb in ...  read more »

Separated To Bare More Fruit
The lust of the eye and pride of life can put you quickly in greed and strife. #Stuck #Bondage
<...  read more »

HIS Love IS Our Life Support
While there was no hope and we were living in the darkness of this world, God gave proof of HIS Love....  read more »

Revelation Of Who You Are
Lol...They had me preaching at Starbucks today. I came in around Noon at the Manager was like what/`/...  read more »

The More Of God
We were created in HIS Image, Redeemed by Christ with Holy Spirit as our Helper and can do the More o...  read more »

Let the faith seed take root. Stand firm.
Don/`/t ever allow people to come up with a solution for your life that appears to be a problem in th...  read more »

Remain By The Rivers Of Water In Christ Jesus
Remain in Christ Jesus, planted by the Rivers of Water that never run dry. He is The Well of Water th...  read more »

You Have To Decide Which Side.
Which Side Of The Supernatural Do You Want To Be On? Do you fear what man can do or respect what God ...  read more »

Do Not Reject The Stone!
Our foundation is The Word. Lets build our temple on the Chief Corner Stone so when the evil streams ...  read more »

Praise HIM With All You Got!
Don/`/t be insecure in your praise. Give God the glory and honor, unashamed! Dance like David did wit...  read more »

Dont Toil, Contend!
God teaches our hands to war. So take action and fight for the promise through faith. Fight for a rel...  read more »

HIS Love Is Real
The Lord our God is awesome! Our Father in Heaven/`/ Love for us is real & true. We are truly surroun...  read more »

We Are Suited By God
Our Father in Heaven has us suited as kings crowned with glory and honour! Just ponder how HE is clot...  read more »

Choose Love To Cancel Fear
You have to be bold & choose #Love, It cast out all fear. For God is Love. I choose love & to love Go...  read more »

Speak In Your Heavenly Language
It is crucial that we speak in our Heavenly language! It is part of the full armor of God! Now how do...  read more »

Make The Enemy FallBack
The words you speak have power to make satan #FallBack. When Jesus spoke in faith, The Word, I am He!...  read more »

Keep The Faith
If you asked God for what you desired in prayer, keep the faith & dont doubt. It may be right in fron...  read more »

Jesus Is The True Vine That We Must Abide In.
The Blood flows through the True Vine that gives us our very breath of life! We bear abundant fruit b...  read more »

It Is A Great Day 2 Give A First Fruit Of Praise To God
Blessings upon you to start out this day, week, and month of grace with a first fruit of praise to Th...  read more »

HE is not there!
Real business is Kingdom Business! A transaction was made when Jesus the Lion of Judah died for our s...  read more »

Conquer It!
Be Bold, Strong in The Lord and in the Power of His Might! Now go tackle and conquer it!
#BeBles...  read more »

Dig Deep!
To get to the root of your greatness, you will have to dig deep and allow The Holy Spirit to be your ...  read more »

The Holy Spirit is our Guide.
A good mans steps are ordered by The Lord! For there is protection in HIM as HE directs our paths. For The Word is a lamp to guide out feet and a light for our path. The Word, The Holy Spirit is The Guide, The Compass, GPS! Follow His Lead and direction!

#BeBlessed #GPS
  read more »

Surf On Faith!
Experience the good side of the supernatural when you surf on faith! Jesus said, Come! Walk out and b...  read more »

Embrace Wisdom.
Which path will you take? Journey with wisdom!

#BeBlessed   read more »

The God Idea. Download!
A God idea will take you and your seeds seed into the overflow. Say Download!

#BeBlessed  read more »

Made To Win The War! March Forward!
God has already equipped you victorious through Christ! You were made to win, for war. Keep going! read more »

Dont Forget The Seeds You Have Sown
Put a demand on those seeds watered with tears, action, and faith! Speak those things that be not as ...  read more »

Use The Streams Of Wealth Inside Of You.
Just think, there should never be a struggle as long as we tap into the stream of gifts that God plac...  read more »

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